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Marketing on the Internet: Live Video Conference Class

Summary:This class covers key topics for top-performing professional business websites. Effective business websites need to address the both visitors and search engines. The class discusses best practices for all types of business and ecommerce websites for nearly any business.

The attendee will learn more ideas and conventions in search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising, social media use and marketing, affiliate marketing and more.

The class expects the attendee to have some basic knowledge of websites and will discuss more advanced topics of performance testing, analytics and determining return on investment (ROI). Discussion will center on actual website examples for small businesses.

The class will analyze common mistakes made on the web, and reveal best practices for marketing on the Internet. Most importantly, the class explores the best approaches the attendees can use based on their business’ goals.

Note: This course is not a technical course on how to design or program websites.

Key Topics:

  • Establishing website goals

  • Different platforms for different audiences

  • Basic website conversion techniques

  • Search Engines, Traffic and Keywords

  • Search Engine Optimization basics

  • Advertising, budgets and testing

  • Social Media outlets

  • Role of online reputation

  • Budget and ROI

Learning Outcomes:

  • Important factors for a professional website

  • Determining keywords and establishing content goals

  • Tips and uses for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Advertising uses and cautions

  • Social media uses and limitations

  • Measure the return on your internet marketing investment (ROI)

What People Are Saying About This Class:

  • “Instructor was very knowledgeable, great tips and tricks”

  • “Great class, I now have lots of ideas”

  • “Very practical and helpful”

  • “He took the time to answer questions along the way”

  • “I have listened to many talks, discussions and panels and Mr. Dean definitely speaks from wealth of experience and knowledge” Register Now!

Registration Fee: $55.00 Veterans: Free admission is available for this class. Click Here for details.

The link to join the class will be sent in your registration confirmation email. If you have trouble registering, send an email to

Speaker for this class Kevin Dean

Kevin’s approach is to find the best Internet Marketing approach for his customers. With 15 years of Internet Marketing experience and 20 additional years in business management, his experience provides him with the background and knowledge needed to see opportunities in today’s fast-paced online environment. Certified in both Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Kevin discusses and instructs on the latest topics and options available to businesses like yours. Kevin’s seminars are interactive, fast-paced, and fun, chock-full of examples. The student will receive facts, caveats, and methods of measuring ROI so students can put their knowledge to use immediately.

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